Wealth Management

Wealth Management is for investors 5 to 10 years out from retirement. They want to know what kind of an income they can expect in retirement, when they should take social security, and whether they are investing enough and in the right places. This service is for investors looking to preserve their way of living as they transition into retirement. 

Our Process

Start with a Plan - All Wealth Management relationships start with a Financial Plan. Either a Strategic or Comprehensive Financial Plan, these plans usually take one or two meetings to deliver, and determine if our planning and investing styles meet your needs. The analysis includes:

Strategic Financial Plan

Goal Setting

Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant time bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals that make you happy.

Goal Analysis

Crunch the numbers to figure out how to fund your goals. 

Investment Analysis

Create a tax efficient investment portfolio that fuels your financial plan. Learn More. 

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Includes Strategic Financial Plan plus:

Cash Flow Analysis (Optional)

Brings awareness to your income, tax, and expenses so that you can focus your money.

Tax Analysis & Projection

Save money on taxes that you can put it towards your goals. 

Insurance Review

Make sure you are covered for any risks that could jeopardize your retirement.

Estate Review

Know what happens if something happens to you so you can plan your legacy. 

What You Can 

Meetings – We meet twice a year. Once in the spring to do a brief review of your plan, file your taxes, and review and rebalance your investments. In the fall we do a deep dive into your plan, review and rebalance your investments, and do tax planning. Meetings can review any of the following:

Retirement/Goal Update - Your retirement goal is updated every year (sometimes twice a year) so you know how current market conditions are impacting your plan. 
Investment Management - Investments are reviewed 4 to 6 times a year and rebalanced using Opportunistic Rebalancing.  
Tax Preparation - Simple tax returns are prepared and filed in the spring meeting.
Asset Protection Review - We'll update your insurance needs every two or three years to make sure that circumstances haven't changed, warranting additional coverage.
Estate Plan Review - Every five years or so we will review your estate planning documents to determine if you need to update account titles, beneficiaries, or other estate documents.
Cash Management - This optional meeting is held as needed by clients to review their spending habits against their income and tax situation to prepare them as they approach retirement.
Annual Portfolio Review - An in-depth discussion of your holdings.
Tax Planning - Usually held in the fall, this meeting identifies tax planning opportunities to further benefit your overall financial plan. 

Reports – We offer 24/7 performance reporting and third party monthly or quarterly reports to keep you aware of your finances and provide checks and balances of your investments. 

Education - We offer periodic blogs and a monthly newsletter meant to keep you aware of current economic topics and to organize your finances. Quarterly we offer an economic update. You can also follow us on social media for recent personal finance and economic articles of interest. 

Miscellaneous Including 

Same Day Call Back Policy - Clients of IAM Financial will have their calls returned within one business day.
24 Hour Financial Emergency Response - We will respond to client's financial crisis within 24 hours with updates on resolution progress.
Second Opinion - In addition to the services mentioned, Wealth Management clients are encouraged to ask for our opinion on any matter that may impact their finances. Paying off mortgages, lease or buy, using online money markets, etc. are a few examples of questions clients
have asked in the past.

Pay As You Grow

Many prospects that come to me start with a financial plan and update them every 5 to 10 years. As you approach retirement, they transition to wealth management to ensure a successful retirement. 

Strategic Financial Plan


Starting at

This one-time fee includes:

Goal Settings
Goal Analysis
Investment Analysis

Comprehensive Financial Plan


Starting at

This one-time fee includes:

Everything in the Strategic Financial Plan plus:
Cash Management Analysis (Optional)
Tax Projection and Analysis
Insurance Review
Estate Review

Wealth Management

See Below

This ongoing service includes:

Annually updated financial plan
Annually updated financial plan
Tax prep and filing
Investment Management
Periodic Insurance Review
Tax Projection and Planning

Wealth Management Fees

First $1 million investments managed


The first million is billed at 1% or $2,500 per quarter. 

Any balance over $1 million


The additional 0.5% is to cover managing investments over $1 million. 

Updated plans and tax filing/projection


While most advisors charge 1% to pick investments, we provide ongoing comprehensive financial planning, tax preparation, filing, and planning and investment management that is all coordinated so you can get the most out of your retirement. 

rich cfp

Hi, I'm Rich


My super-power is organizing things. I LOVE trying to make things fit. My background is in finances so naturally, I like organizing people’s money. I am also spiritually oriented and enjoy looking at things on a deeper level.

Money has always impacted me. Growing up, we lived in the biggest house and had the nicest cars. Our family motto was "he who dies with the most toys, WINS!" We had two corvettes with the license plates TOY 2 and TOY 3. Apparently, TOY 1 was taken. It's a great motto if you get to enjoy them. But I didn't see my Dad too much. He was a workaholic. 

One year my Dad was writing an article for work about timeshares. We went to Florida, the Timeshare Kingdom. The year was 1987. It was the year my grandma died. My Mom made him buy the timeshare on the spot. 

Up until then we'd camped or taken an overnight vacation every now and then. But not often, and time was slipping away. My brother was in high school and I was in middle school. We finally had something to look forward to every year. That one week together at the golf course, or on the beach. 

In 1997 I started working at my Dad's company doing financial planning. He introduced me to The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and I started saving money. I also got to spend a lot of time with him. But there was always a strain around money. It seemed like there was always a balance between time and money. You could have one or the other, but not both. I think it comes from the motto he taught me early on that time is money.

In 2007 my son Tyler was born and something had to change. I had to figure out a way to have both time and money. In 2008 I started IAM Financial because I wanted to change my relationship with money and share it with the world. 

Now, I'm a self-made millionaire and take summers and December off. Well, I work on my business and myself. But I try to find that balance between work and play. I had a client tell me "I want to do something in my next phase in life that will give me a little money and doesn't require 80hrs a week. Kind of like you." He makes $700,000/yr and has a net worth of over $3.5 million. But he knows the value of time and money.

Oh, and my kryptonite is telling people no. So I'm working on an online course that'll teach others how to organize their money so they can enjoy life.   

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