Wealth Management is for investors transitioning into or in retirement looking to delegate their finances to someone else so that they can enjoy life. It starts out with a Financial Plan that answers questions such as:

What kind of an income can I expect in retirement?
When should I take social security?
Am I taking too much risk in my portfolio?
Will I run out of money?
Am I paying too much in taxes?

This service is used mostly by investors looking to preserve their way of living as they make one of the biggest transitions in their life. It’s economical if your nest egg has grown to $1,000,000, but is available if you have less.

Services Provided include:

Meetings twice a year to update a portion of your financial, investment, and tax situation to reflect current conditions. Meetings include three or more of the following:

  • Retirement/Goal Update – Retirement goal is updated every other year so that clients can see how current market conditions have impacted their plan.
  • Insurance Analysis – Analysis of clients’ insurance needs every two or three years to make sure that circumstances haven’t changed, warranting additional coverage.
  • Estate Plan Review – Review every five years or so, to determine if there is a need to update account titles, beneficiaries, or other estate documents.
  • Cash Management Review – As needed analysis for clients to review their spending habits against their income and tax situation.
  • Annual Portfolio Review – A review of current holdings against target allocations.
  • Tax Preparation – Simple tax returns are provided as needed.


Reports include quarterly reports and third party monthly or quarterly reports to keep clients aware of their finances and provide checks and balances of proper reporting.

  • Performance Reporting – Clients have access 24/7 to their portfolio's performance over customized periods.
  • Portfolio Cash Flow Reports – Annual reports showing deposits, withdrawals, and account growth.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Statements – Statements sent directly from account custodians to clients.
  • Net Worth Update – An updated snap-shot of clients’ net worth to compare against previous years net worth.


Education - It is important that you understand why certain planning is suggested so that you understand what you are paying for. Therefore, IAM Financial offers the following educational opportunities:

  • Quarterly Highlights Email – Included with their quarterly updates reports, clients will receive a personalized email highlighting a few areas of their reports.
  • Quarterly Newsletter – Also included with their quarterly updates reports, clients will receive a newsletter with an economic update and education article.
  • Blog Articles – Periodic articles on IAM Financial, LLC’s blog
  • Micro Blog – IAM Financial, LLC shares links to articles pertinent to clients’ finances at


Miscellaneous Services Included: 

  • Same Day Call Back Policy – Clients of IAM Financial, LLC will have their calls returned within one business day.
  • 24 Hour Financial Emergency Response – IAM Financial, LLC will respond to client financial crisis within 24 hours with updates on resolution progress.
  • Second Opinion – In addition to the services mentioned, Wealth Management clients are encouraged to ask for second opinion on any matter that may impact their personal finances. Paying off a mortgage, leasing or buying a car, utilizing an online money market, etc., are a few examples of questions clients have asked.