All Wealth Management relationships start with a Financial and Investment Plan that usually takes one or two meetings to deliver, depending on the complexity of the client's situation.

Financial Goal Plan

Identifies, and determines the best use of cash flow to accomplish your goals including planning for retirement. This plan is focused on numbers, including optimizing social security and identifying an ideal investment allocation. 

Investment Plan

Determines the best investment mix of index funds based on your ability to withstand different levels of market fluctuation. Can compare current and suggested investment return, risk (standard deviation), and expenses. 

Additional analysis and reviews include:

Tax Analysis

Projects tax scenarios to maximize the timing of taking pensions, social security, and other income streams. Maximizes deductions to increase cash flow. Can identify inefficient investment strategies and capital gains issues.

Insurance Analysis

Analyzes insurance needs for risk exposures. Changes implemented by your agent.

Estate Review

Review of account titles, beneficiary information, and estate documents to expose any needed updates. Changes are implemented by your estate planning attorney.

Cash Management Plan

Identifies income, tax, and expenses to bring focus and awareness to your cash flow. May include the use of budget software like

As circumstances permit, Financial Planning may be offered as a limited engagement for a specific fee by referral only.