IAM Financial Works Primarily with The Following Two Different Groups Of Clients

Self Employed Business Owners and Professionals

We serve Self Employed Business Owners (welding contractors, auctioneers, industrial manufacturers, 2nd hand store owners, coin and stamp dealers, paving contractors) and Professionals (family doctors, surgeons, IT professionals, professors, attorneys and pharmacists, etc.) who want a second set of eyes on their finances. Most are busy, family-orientated, with the following concerns:

Depositphotos_3301947_original* Who's going to handle the finances for my spouse if I die?
* How can I diversify assets outside the business?
* What will happen when it’s time to exit the business?
* When should I take social security?
* How can I lower my taxes?
*Am I diversified?
*Should I convert my existing IRA to a Roth?

Our clients are frugal and when they're not working, which isn't often, they spend free time travelling, golfing (that impossible game), or pursuing other hobbies. Some have started thinking about their legacy. You’ve made a pretty good living and you want your kids to know the value of a dollar. More importantly, you want them to know how to earn it. You've invested heavily in their education. Part of that education is not giving them money whenever they ask for it. You earned yours, they should too. But you'll make sure they have the tools to do so.

Retired Snow Birds and Golfers

A lot of my clients and prospects head south for the winter, staying in the Villages, or near a beach or golf course. They appreciate life and don’t want to spend time worrying about their money. That’s why we’ll often meet in the summer after a round at Eagle Eye golf course, near my office. They have the majority of their savings in a 401k and some in a taxable account or trust. They usually retire around age 60, and have questions like:

* How much can I retire on?
* Am I directing my savings into the right places?
* Is my risk in my portfolio okay?
* Am I paying taxes I don’t have to?
* Should I pay off my mortgage?
* What’s a good strategy for withdrawal?
* Can I keep taxes low for a good ACA policy?

In General

Most of my clients and prospects aspire for self-improvement and a greater sense of balance in life. They tend to be health conscious but occasionally enjoy a good craft beer. They place a high value on growth and the human spirit. They enjoy Yoga because it reflects the balance they strive for in life. Most of our clients are relatively tech savvy, open to new ideas, and giving in nature. Being spiritually orientated, and open to others’ beliefs, they have a strong feeling there is something more “out there”. If they worried less about money, they just might find it.

They may have been a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investor, but have enough of a portfolio built up that they feel a little uncomfortable making decisions without objective, affordable advice from a competent professional.

If you are advisable, easy going and generally comfortable with who you are, where you are in life and where you’d like to go, we probably have a good match. IAM Financial provides a “One-Stop Personal Holistic Financial Planning Experience” for capable, intelligent decision making clients who want to take their finances to the next level and enjoy life. Get Started.