rfeightI love organizing things. My background is in finances so I naturally like organizing people's money. I am also spiritually oriented and enjoy looking at things on a deeper level.

Money has always had a big impact on me. Growing up, I saw many of my friends and family living in large houses and driving fancy cars. On the outside they appeared rich. Later on, I was surprised to find out that most of them had very little wealth, and were nowhere near being able to retire. In addition, many of them held negative, self-limiting core beliefs about being in debt and always making payments.

I started IAM Financial for several reasons: I wanted a healthier attitude towards money. I wanted my newborn son to share these values, and I wanted to change how clients think about money. What better way to exemplify the work/life balance that I teach than to create it for myself, and share it with others.

Many people have never been taught how to properly manage their money. And while net worth is never a substitute for self worth, becoming a good steward of one’s wealth really does help how one feels.

My mom told me a story when I was young that my great uncle was a really devote Christian and gave faithfully to the church, yet he didn’t have anything saved for himself. They had no money and so my grandpa always gave his brother food to live. This story has had a profound impact on my philosophy: “First make a living, then make a difference!“

I’ve seen people spend 110% of their income on stuff they can’t even find at the end of the year. Others work until they are 75 and wish they’d retired 10 years earlier when they were healthy, and could enjoy life more. I believe a good advisor helps you live below your means and saving to increase your worth. It's not about getting ahead by picking “winners”. A good advisor helps you invest for the two most precious things in life, time and relationships.