post-img9-600x300Independent Views

IAM Financial is an independent business, not part of a large brokerage firm. We do not sell in-house products disguised and packaged as a financial plan. We provide objective guidance on which planning strategies and investments best meet your needs. There are no hidden agendas.

Objective Fee-Only Advice

Many “Advisors” may not be considered objective or unbiased if some or all of their income is dependent upon selling you a product. As a Fee-Only Advisor, IAM Financial is compensated solely by you, our client. We do not accept commissions, rebates, awards, finder fees, bonuses, or any other compensation from any other sources. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees, resulting in complete transparency. You know what you are paying and getting for your money.

Certified Financial Planner™

cfplogo_blbkAs a Certified Financial Planner™, IAM Financial is committed to competent and ethical behavior and has earned the certificate by meeting the stringent Education, Experience, Ethics and Examination requirements set forth by the CFP® Board of Standards. See details at

Personal Approach

By limiting our service to only 35 clients, IAM Financial offers you a truly personal approach.
After all, you have a unique situation requiring special attention with individualized solutions.
We seek quality over quantity, and humanize the planning process, communicating with you
more than simply to occasionally make a change. In addition, planning is done in-house,
specifically for you, by a CFP® with more than 15 years experience. You can expect
to work with the same qualified advisor, not an assistant, for up to 30 years.

Holistic Planning

Rather than looking at your finances independently, your financial plan coordinates and works with your cash flow, investments, taxes, estate and asset protection needs to help define and achieve your highest financial goals.

A Fiduciary Standard

Federal and state laws require that Registered Investment Advisors are held to a Fiduciary Standard. The law requires that an advisor act solely in the best interest of the client, even if that interest is in conflict with the advisor's financial interest. Unfortunately, only a small portion of financial advisors are federally or state registered investment advisors. Most financial advisors are considered “Broker-Dealers” by the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). They are held to a lower standard of diligence. In fact, they are required by the federal law to act in the best interest of their employer, not the best interest of clients.

NAPFA_colorlogo_notagIAM Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor, registered with the State of Michigan and acts as a Fiduciary. We sign the National Association of Personal Financial Advisor (NAPFA) Oath, indicating that we put your interests before our own.